Provision of Service Regulations

Provision of Service Regulations

• Name: Elite Paving & Roofing LTD

• Legal form: A limited company registered in London and incorporated in the UK

• Service: Drives, paths, patios & roofing

• Registered office and postal address: unit 40, 81 Lee high road London SE13 5NS

• Telephone:0208 485 8425

•Mobile:07542 999431


• Public registers: Details about the limited company’s registration can be viewed at under reference number 10553910.

• General terms and conditions: A letter of engagement accompanied by our standard terms and conditions will be provided at the start of any contract for works.

• Applicable law: Unless otherwise agreed, English law, with the English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning the service and any matter arising from it.

• Work Guarantees: All works guaranteed for 7 years from date of completion, this covers parts and labour.

Your statutory rights are not affected by our guarantee.
• Complaints: Complaints can be made by contacting Jerry Connors at the above address,Contact number or Email.